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KC Business Huddle

Weekly interviews with the best and brightest business owners of Overland Park and the greater Kansas City area.

Hear how the movers and shakers of the community formed their businesses, how they enhance the community, and how they've overcome obstacles and challenges along the way.

Hosted by Bernie Wurts of Professional Financial Advisors, LLC.

Aug 26, 2021

Today, we’re talking with Amos King, CEO of Binary Noggin. Find out how he uses code to help others develop ingenious solutions.


Show notes: 


About our guest: 


What we discuss on this episode:

0:48 – Meet Amos

4:01 – How his career started

8:11 – From St. Louis

13:42 – Meetup group

15:31 – Money in the account

17:55 – COVID

18:54 – Typical client

21:28 – Starting projects

24:49 – Challenges

27:41 – Noggin Day

29:24 – Mistakes

35:22 – Contact Amos